Professional Stamp Experts
  • PSE Standard Authentication Service

  • You receive a PSE Certificate of Authenticity, which includes the correct Scott catalogue number, year of issue, denomination, color, and description of the condition of the stamp. A full-color photographic representation of the stamp is affixed to the certificate.

  • PSE Authentication and Grading Service
        (for single stamps and pairs of stamps only)

  • This exciting new service benefits the philatelic community in several important ways. First, grading by a well-respected, independent third-party authentication service takes the guesswork out of determining the true value of stamps. Second, encapsulation provides stamps the protection they rightly deserve. Third, encapsulation of authenticated and graded stamps in a secure tamper-evident holder enables philatelists to buy and sell stamps "sight-unseen" with confidence - through the mail, over the phone and on the Internet. back to top
    Graded Certificate of Authenticity

    The PSE Graded Certificate of Authenticity includes all of the information contained in our Standard Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a PSE Standardized Philatelic Grade.TM(singles and pairs only)
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  • Grading & Encapsulation

  • The authenticated and graded stamp is sonically-sealed in a handsome, durable, tamper-evident display case. Information about the stamp, including the Scott catalogue number, color, year of issue, denomination, overall numeric grade, philatelic description, unique control number, and bar code PSE identification number, appears on an archival paper insert that is secure within the display case. All of the material used in the encapsulation of your stamp (plastic, ink and paper) is chemically-inert and completely safe for use with stamps. (singles and pairs only) back to top