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Graf Zeppelin Set (NH)

Grade Points: 95.00
Completion: 100.00%
Set Rating: 95.00

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Owner's Comments:
Truly iconic images that never fail to exite the imagination of what it must have been like to see these Hydrogen gas filled dirigibles in flight. Even though the 65 cent issue is the smaller of the three denominations it is by far my favorite of the set. The image of the Graf Zeppelin hovering over the ocean waves with storm clouds closing in is magnificent.

Item Scott No. Issue Date Denom Color PSE Grade Pop* Pop
J Pop
Condition Owner's Comments
65c C13  1930  65c  Green  95  142  71  18  Mint OGnh  Cert. #01208002 
$1.30 C14  1930  $1.30  Brown  95  134  64  12  Mint OGnh  Cert. #01092025 
$2.60 C15  1930  $2.60  Blue  95  143  60  Mint OGnh  Cert. #01183534 

* Pop (population) values are the number of stamps graded by Scott number and condition for each item listed.
Pop Higher values represent the number of stamps which are worth more points in the Registry, taking into account bonus points for Jumbos whereas 80J = 83, 85J = 88, 90J = 93, 95J = 97, 98J = 99, 100J = 102. J Pop Higher values are the number of Jumbos graded higher for each item listed.