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A start

1926-32 Commemorative 2c Reds (NH)

Grade Points: 98.00
Completion: 4.17%
Set Rating: 3.92
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A start
Item Scott No. Issue Date Denom Color PSE Grade Pop* Pop
J Pop
Condition Owner's Comments
1926 Sesquicentennial Exposition 2c     2c  Sesquicentennial Expo            
1926 Battle of White Plains 2c     2c  White Plains            
1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial 2c     2c  Vermont Sesquicentennial            
1927 Burgoyne Campaign 2c     2c  Burgoyne Campaign            
1928 Valley Forge 2c     2c  Valley Forge            
1928 Battle of Monmouth 2c 646  1928  2c  Carmine  98  47  19  Mint OGnh   
1928 Hawaii Sesquicentennial 2c     2c  2c Hawaii            
1928 Aeronautics Conference 2c     2c  2c Aeronautics            
1929 George Rogers Clark 2c     2c  George Rogers Clark            
1929 Electric Light Jubilee 2c     2c  FLAT Edison's Lamp            
1929 Electric Light Jubilee 2c     2c  Rotary Edison's Lamp            
1929 Electric Light Jubilee 2c     2c  Rot Coil Ed Lamp            
1929 Sullivan Expedition 2c     2c  Sullivan Expedition            
1929 Battle of Fallen Timbers 2c     2c  Battle of Fallen Timpers            
1929 Ohio River Canalization 2c     2c  Ohio River Canalization            
1930 Massachusetts Bay Colony 2c     2c  Massachusetts Bay Colony            
1930 Carolina-Charleston 2c     2c  Carolina-Charleston            
1930 Braddocks Field Issue 2c     2c  Braddock's Field            
1930 Von Steuben 2c     2c  Von Steuben            
1931 Pulaski 2c     2c  Pulaski            
1931 Red Cross 2c     2c  Red Cross            
1931 Yorktown 2c     2c  Yorktown            
1932 Lake Placid Olympics 2c     2c  Olympic Winter Games            
1932 Arbor Day 2c     2c  Arbor Day            

* Pop (population) values are the number of stamps graded by Scott number and condition for each item listed.
Pop Higher values represent the number of stamps which are worth more points in the Registry, taking into account bonus points for Jumbos whereas 80J = 83, 85J = 88, 90J = 93, 95J = 97, 98J = 99, 100J = 102. J Pop Higher values are the number of Jumbos graded higher for each item listed.