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1 The Amazing One-Cent Issue of 1851 -- A Quick-Study Guide
Larry Volovsky -- Valley Magazine 05/01/2000
2 Out In The Universe . . . Stamps: Looking At A Specialist Philatelic Publisher
Michael O. Nowlan 02/10/2000
3 Postage Stamp Envelopes Circulate as Small Change During the Civil War
Fred Reed 01/16/2000
4 How The First Christmas Stamp Came To Be
Michael O. Nowlan 07/14/1999
5 Canada Post Announces Traditional Trades Series Depicting Hands in Stamps
Michael O. Nowlan 04/21/1999
6 The Inside Story
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 04/21/1999
7 The Inside Story on the Fake ##2's (Part I)
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 04/07/1999

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