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Nick Kirke Collection

1890 Small Bank Notes (Used)

Weighted GPA : 97.56
% Complete:  100.00%
Set Rating: 97.56
% Jumbo: 66.67

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Owner's Comments:
When I got back into US stamp in 2000 it was incredibly tough to find the lower values of this set(and others)in truly XF condition. I did not have the opportunity to visit shows or look at dealer's stocks. I was reliant on auctions and dealer's lists. Lower values were generally contained in large lots and bought by dealers who at that stage rarely bothered to highlight gorgeous 'cheapies'. Grading changed all that - it teased out XF cheapies and they became available - albeit in the early days at high unsustainable prices. Although I have seen drops of around 50 percent in some prices I paid the stamp remains. And I bought for pleasure, completion, and not investment in the first place. The toughest value? Without a doubt the 6c. Jumbos of all values are scarce - how often do I see an 85J that years ago I would have preferred to a tight margined 95? As the man said - 'you can get used to anything, so be careful what you get used to....'

Nick Kirke Collection
Item Scott No. Issue Date Denom Color PSE Grade Pop* Pop
J Pop
Condition Owner's Comments
1c 219  1890  1c  Dull blue  98J  Used   
2c 219D  1890  2c  Lake  98J  Used   
2c 220  1890  2c  Carmine  98J  Used   
3c 221  1890  3c  Purple  98J  Used   
4c 222  1890  4c  Dark brown  98J  Used   
5c 223  1890  5c  Chocolate  95J  Used   
6c 224  1890  6c  Brown red  90J  Used   
8c 225  1893  8c  Lilac  98  Used   
10c 226  1890  10c  Green  98  Used   
15c 227  1890  15c  Indigo  95J  Used   
30c 228  1890  30c  Black  98  Used   
90c 229  1890  90c  Orange  98  Used   

* Pop (population) values are the number of stamps graded by Scott number and condition for each item listed.
Pop Higher values represent the number of stamps which are worth more points in the Registry, taking into account bonus points for Jumbos whereas 80J = 83, 85J = 88, 90J = 93, 95J = 97, 98J = 99, 100J = 102. J Pop Higher values are the number of Jumbos graded higher for each item listed.