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Nick Kirke Collection

1847-55 Regular Issues Type Set (Used)

Weighted GPA : 100.44
% Complete:  100.00%
Set Rating: 100.44
% Jumbo: 85.71

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Owner's Comments:
It is appropriate to make an important point with this very first of my Registry sets. Detractors of grading say the very idea of numerical assessment sublimates a collector's discretion - his ability to choose. A mistaken impression in my view. There is such a thing as a 'strong 90', a 'weak 90'. There remains enormous incentive to retain a 90J with a vivid red paint cancel alongside a 95 of the same denomination. Is there a difference between a 2003 grade and a 2007 grade? Once again time to use one's judgement. However, a superlative 2003 stamp remains superlative in 2007. If I sound slightly defensive it's because I am. I would say to the critics look at my stamps and at other similar sets. If you have better and do not want to get graded I applaud your decision. We collectors belong to a broad church. But respect us graders in all our mistaken glory! This set? Sc1 and 2 remain grossly undervalued to my mind. Are we really paying more for a used 100J used W/Franklin than an XF-Sup 95 Sc1? As ever it's what you don't have that keeps the sport alive. A complete set one day? Well of course. Goes without saying.

Nick Kirke Collection
Item Scott No. Issue Date Denom Color PSE Grade Pop* Pop
J Pop
Condition Owner's Comments
5c 1  1847  5c  Red brown  100J  Used   
10c 2  1847  10c  Black  98J  Used   
1c 9  1852  1c  Blue  100J  12  Used   
3c 11A  1853-55  3c  Dull red  100J  Used   
5c 12  1856  5c  Red brown  98J  Used   
10c 15  1855  10c  Green  100  Used   
12c 17  1851  12c  Black  100J  Used   

* Pop (population) values are the number of stamps graded by Scott number and condition for each item listed.
Pop Higher values represent the number of stamps which are worth more points in the Registry, taking into account bonus points for Jumbos whereas 80J = 83, 85J = 88, 90J = 93, 95J = 97, 98J = 99, 100J = 102. J Pop Higher values are the number of Jumbos graded higher for each item listed.