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U.S. Design Numbering System - Further Information
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PSE currently offers two publications oriented around the U.S. Design Numbering system. We offer A Guide to U.S. Design Numbers 1847-1947, a concise booklet illustrating USD numbers through No. 435, which corresponds to Scott No. 947. The Guide cross-references all USD and Scott numbers.

PSE also offers album pages, United States Postage Stamps by Design Type, The First Century, allowing collectors to begin and display a collection based on the USD numbering system.

All 19th and early 20th century USD numbers are shown at the following website:

This fall, PSE is planning to produce a special edition of the SMQ, using USD numbers and giving prices in nine grades for USD Nos. 1 through 238. We plan to update this edition annually.

U.S. Design Numbers Cover United States Postage Stamps Cover
PSE's Guide to U.S. Design Numbers illustrates all front-of-the-book U.S. postage stamps issued from 1847 through 1947. Full color, and provided free of charge.
United States Postage Stamps by Design Type is a set of album pages printed on archival quality, acid-free paper containing spaces for the first 435 USD numbered stamps. It is available from PSE at a cost of $35.00. Shipping is free.
Click here for printable version of the U.S. Design Number book