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21 Out In The Universe . . . Stamps
Michael O. Nowlan 10/26/1999
22 Carriers: The First U.S. Postage Stamps
Universe Editor 10/08/1999
23 Stamp Designs Show Remarkable Imagination
Michael O. Nowlan 09/20/1999
24 Lesotho Salutes Famous Chinese Artist
Michael O. Nowlan 09/15/1999
25 Canada Post Up In The Air In Celebrations
Michael O. Nowlan 09/10/1999
26 Egypt's Remarkable Postal History Recounted
Michael O. Nowlan 09/03/1999
27 Celebrating The Moon Landing 30 Years Later
Michael O. Nowlan 08/26/1999
28 Guernsey Extends Its Maritime Series
Michael O. Nowlan 08/20/1999
29 United Nations Honors Universal Postal Union
Michael O. Nowlan 08/20/1999
30 'Mona Lisa': Postcard Variations on a Theme
Kandy Arnold 08/02/1999
31 How The First Christmas Stamp Came To Be
Michael O. Nowlan 07/14/1999
32 Philatelic Beethoven Would Satisfy the Maestro
Michael O. Nowlan 06/18/1999
33 George Stewart, Stamp Literature Pioneer
Michael O. Nowlan 06/11/1999
34 The Post Card Craze
Lloyd Shaw 05/28/1999
35 Drop Me a Card
Deborah J. Miller 05/28/1999
36 Postcards - In the Beginning
Lloyd Shaw 05/28/1999
37 Stamps Get the Call of the Sea at Australia 99
Michael O. Nowlan 05/24/1999
38 Canada Post Announces Traditional Trades Series Depicting Hands in Stamps
Michael O. Nowlan 04/21/1999
39 The Inside Story
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 04/21/1999
40 Post Card Collecting: A Quick Overview
Lloyd Shaw 04/14/1999
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