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41 Introduction to How to Detect...
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 04/14/1999
42 Stamp collecting and total solar eclipses
Michael O. Nowlan 04/12/1999
43 The Inside Story on the Fake ##2's (Part I)
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 04/07/1999
44 New Brunswick's Contribution to Stamp Collecting
Michael O. Nowlan 04/05/1999
45 Stamp collecting has been known for its ability to teach history, geography, and other fields of knowledge to children
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 03/26/1999
46 Many investors poured money into the philatelic market
Rev. Philip de Rochambeau, MA, DD 03/25/1999
47 Knowing Collectibles' Sales Tax Laws Can Save You Money
Armen R. Vartian 03/12/1999
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