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Matt Todd's Philatelic Antiquities

1940 Famous Americans (Used)

Grade Points: 92.77
Completion: 37.14%
Set Rating: 34.46

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Matt Todd's Philatelic Antiquities
Item Scott No. Issue Date Denom Color PSE Grade Pop* Pop
J Pop
Condition Owner's Comments
1c Irving 859  1940  1c  Bright blue green  95  Used   
2c Cooper     2c  Cooper            
3c Emerson     3c  Emerson            
5c Alcott     5c  Alcott            
10c Clemens 863  1940  10c  Dark brown  95  Used   
1c Longfellow     1c  Longfellow            
2c Whittier 865  1940  2c  Rose carmine  80  Used   
3c Lowell     3c  Lowell            
5c Whitman     5c  Whitman            
10c Riley 868  1940  10c  Dark brown  95  Used   
1c Mann     1c  Mann            
2c Hopkins 870  1940  2c  Rose carmine  95  Used   
3c Eliot     3c  Eliot            
5c Willard     5c  Willard            
10c Washington     10c  Washington            
1c Audubon 874  1940  1c  Bright blue green  90  Used   
2c Long     2c  Long            
3c Burbank     3c  Burbank            
5c Reed 877  1940  5c  Ultramarine  95  Used   
10c Addams 878  1940  10c  Dark brown  98  Used   
1c Foster 879  1940  1c  Bright blue green  95  Used   
2c Sousa     2c  Sousa            
3c Herbert 881  1940  3c  Bright red violet  90  Used   
5c MacDowell     5c  MacDowell            
10c Nevin 883  1940  10c  Dark brown  90  Used   
1c Stuart     1c  Stuart            
2c Whistler 885  1940  2c  Rose carmine  98  Used   
3c Saint-Gaudens     3c  Gaudens            
5c French     5c  French            
10c Remington     10c  Remington            
1c Whitney     1c  Whitney            
2c Morse 890  1940  2c  Rose carmine  90  Used   
3c McCormick     3c  McCormick            
5c Howe     5c  Howe            
10c Bell     10c  Bell            

* Pop (population) values are the number of stamps graded by Scott number and condition for each item listed.
Pop Higher values represent the number of stamps which are worth more points in the Registry, taking into account bonus points for Jumbos whereas 80J = 83, 85J = 88, 90J = 93, 95J = 97, 98J = 99, 100J = 102. J Pop Higher values are the number of Jumbos graded higher for each item listed.