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PSE Set Registry - Rules

In order to enter stamps into the PSE Set RegistrySM, they must be certified and graded by PSE. Registrants may begin with just one stamp or add an entire collection. Each series in the PSE Set RegistrySM is divided into two parts. The initial chart lists the average grade and state of completion of each set, while the second is a discussion of each registered set. Participants may make their own comments about their sets. PSE experts reserve the right to edit comments.

The great "All-Time Finest" sets of Robert Zoellner and William Floyd collections are taken from auction records and other sources and are a conservative estimate by PSE experts of what the stamp would grade had it been submitted to PSE.

Online Registration is Free

There are no fees to register your set. Simply click on ADD SET, login, and follow the instructions. Customer Service is available to answer any questions you may have M-F, 9-5 PST. If you do not have access to a computer we will be glad to data enter your stamps. Please contact customer service at (877) 782-6788 extension 119 for more information on this service.

All-Time Finest and Current Sets

Each set listed as current is comprised of PSE certified stamps in accordance with our usual standards. A PSE stamp is defined as a stamp CURRENTLY encased in a PSE holder or for which a PSE Certificate of Authenticity has been issued. In order to list your set as current, you must own and have physical possession of the stamps you are listing or be an agent with permission to represent a collection. A stamp is not considered owned by you if you have sold it to another, regardless of buyback or return policies. Furthermore, this stamp should be removed from your set. If the same stamp should return to your possession and you regain ownership, you then have the option to relist it in the registry.

You should retire a set from Current status when you have sold or broken up your set. To retire a set, simply delete the entire set. (Note that if you delete items from your set one by one, it will also reduce your ATF set completion.) If your set was at least 90% complete at the time of deletion, it will remain in the "All-Time Finest" category and will be listed with a "viewable" status. If you still own the stamps in a retired set that was 90% complete at the time of retirement and the set remains in the "All-Time Finest" category, those same certification numbers cannot be re-used by you in a new set you may start in the same category. Should you wish to re-use those stamps, please contact customer service first to delete the "All-Time Finest" set from the Registry.

Should you attempt to list a stamp and you receive an error message telling you that the stamp is currently owned by another registrant, please contact Registrants are urged to delete their sets (or stamps) from the registry soon after sets or stamps are sold in order to release the certification numbers for other registrants who may have purchased the items and wish to register them.

Current sets that are not at least 10% complete and have not been updated for at least 12 months will be deleted from the Registry.

Buying and Selling Policy

The PSE Set RegistrySM is to be used to list collections of stamps. By the sheer nature of the Registry, items listed are invariably bought and sold. However, using terminology such as "for sale or trade," "auction0205," or listing an item with a price is not permitted. (You may list your purchase price if you wish for inventory and insurance purposes.) In addition, posting commerce website addresses is also not permitted. The Set Registry is self-policing. Should you see an infraction of this policy, please report it to

Grade Points, Completion, Set Ratings and Weighting

After each set is registered, its "Grade Points" are determined. For most weighted sets, the rarest stamp in the set will have a weight up to "10" and the most common stamp will have a weight of "1." The grades are multiplied by the weights. That total is divided by the total number of stamp weights. That gives the "Weighted Grade Point Average." The "Set Rating" is achieved by dividing the weighted grade sum by the total sum of the weights in the entire set. All sets are listed in order of their Set Rating. Sets are date-stamped according to the first date they are submitted for validation. In case of a tie, the set which was registered first will appear first.

Bonus Points

Stamps graded Jumbo receive 1 point if graded 98, 2 points if graded 100 or 95, and 3 points if graded 90, 85 or 80.

Condition Modifiers

OG (Original Gum) sets allow OG and NH (Never hinged) stamps. OG sets do not allow stamps with the DOG modifier (Disturbed Original Gum).

Set Changes

The PSE Set Registry is a work in progress. Stamps may be added or subtracted from a set. These changes may affect a registrant's overall GPA and rating. PSE reserves the right to make changes with or without the consent of participating members.