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Best Overall - Hall of Fame Inductee 2014

Brian and Brian Stamps (1913 Panama-Pacific NH) - 1881-89 Bank Notes (Used)

2011 Inductees

Stamp Sets

Charles Fricke (ChazTheBear) - Farley National Parks Imperfs Type Set (NGAI)
There can be no doubt that a complete set graded Gem 100J deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Randy Henson - Farley National Parks Imperfs Type Set (NGAI)
There can be no doubt that a complete set graded Gem 100J deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Flying High Again - Early Airmail Issues C1-C19 (NH)
Any set with a rating above 100 has to be incredible and this set is no exception with but three stamps that could improve it - just marvelous viewing.

WDO - Federal Duck Souvenir Sheets (NH)
Federal Duck souvenir sheets are a recent addition to collecting being introduced in 2005 in limited quantities, but they are already popular. All graded Gem 100 and all top of the pop, this is the finest possible set.

Honored Members

Complete Stamp Collections

Robert Zoellner Collection (2004)
The Robert Zoellner Collection certainly ranks as one of the great collections of the late 20th Century. Acquired primarily in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Zoellner did what few have accomplished - he assembled a complete collection of United States Stamps. When the collection was sold by R.A. Siegel in October 1998, it easily took a place among the top collections of all time. In addition to the completeness, the sale was also of uniformly high quality, and set a standard which will be difficult, if not impossible to eclipse.

The William S. Floyd Collection (2004)
If the Zoellner collection stood as the last great collection of the 20th century, the Floyd collection is the first great collection of the 21st. Diligently assembled over more than 30 years, Shreves Philatelic Galleries described it as "incomparable" and in terms of quality, it certainly was. While not 100% complete, the overall condition of the stamps was superb, and many were "finest knowns."

Stamp Sets

Blue Angel Collection (2009) - Early Airmail Issues (NH)
C1 to C18, complete, Mint NH, averaging 98.26. While the C4 in 100J is the jaw dropper here, such as the C3 in 100 or the C9 in 98J are certainly no slouches. Early airmails have always been hugely popular for good reason, and this set demonstrates the results of perseverance and patience. While it will inch higher over time, it would surprise us if it were surpassed anytime soon.

Brian M. DeBroff (Brian and Brian Stamps) (2010) - 1923-26 Imperf (NH)
There can be no doubt that a complete set graded 100J deserves recognition.

Flying High Again (2010) - 1929 Kansas Nebraska Overprints (NH)
Even though considered a modern set by many, the set is extremely difficult due to the normally small margins. This set in particular is exceptional in that all but four out of the 22 stamps are top of the pop, and for those four stamps there are a total of five stamps graded higher. Simply incredible!

Flying High Again (2010) - 1936-37 Army Navy Issue (NH)
Ten stamps – all top of the pop and all graded Gem 100 with one jumbo. What more can be said?

Flying High Again (2010) - Graf Zeppelin Issues (NH)
Only three stamps in this set, but what history. Achieving the current finest possible set rating is an accomplishment worthy of note. Enjoy the view!

G-DUB (2009) - 1940 Famous Americans (NH)
Although this set has not won any major awards in the past, with the retirement of the Jay Parrino set in 2009, it is only fitting that this set, with a 99.69 set rating, be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This set is filled with "Top Pops" and is sure to remain in the number one Current Finest category for a long time.

The Golden State Collection (2006) - 1893 Columbian (NH)
The first series of U.S. commemorative issues has always commanded respect and admiration from collectors, particularly the five rare and elusive "dollar value" denominations. Containing six jumbos and with over 80% of the stamps graded 95 or higher, this set is a real showpiece. It is also the Best Set of the Year for 2006.

The Golden State Collection (2008) - 1902-03 Regular Issues (NH)
At 100% complete and an astonishing 58% Jumbo and a weighted GPA above 95, this set stands out as a real accomplishment. This series is notoriously tough, particularly in the higher values. A painstaking effort to be sure. This set won the "Best Overall Set" award for 2008.

The Golden State Collection (2008) - 1913 Parcel Post (NH)
This wonderful set of twelve, large red “Q” stamps is currently dominated by Golden State, which boasts an impressive rating of 98.38 and is half “jumbo”.

The Golden State Collection (2007) - 1917-19 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
A twenty-one stamp set, with an average grade of 98.26… and half jumbo to boot. Not much more to add here. Quality like this takes time, patience, and dare we say “ample funds” to put together. An outstanding accomplishment and a veritable feast for the philatelic eye.

Randy Henson (2008) - 1934 National Parks Issues (NH)
Simply doesn’t get any better. All 100 or 100J. All finest knowns. Set rating 100.6.

Randy Henson (2010) - 1940 Famous Americans (NH)
What a challenge – 35 stamps and over 90% are top of the pop with 31 graded Gem 100 or higher.

Jed Pairs (2009) - 1939 Presidential Set - Coils (NH)
The quality of this set is amazing. With a rating of 99.38, this set only has two stamps which can be improved upon. It aptly illustrates the rewards of patience and a good eye.

Nick Kirke Collection (2007) - 1847-55 Regular Issues Type Set (Used)
Nick’s posting of his sets in late 2007 was a watershed for the Registry. As one of the world’s pre-eminent collectors of Used U.S., his participation in the Registry has raised the bar to an incredibly lofty level for 19th and early 20th century used stamps. Regarding this set, while as a Type set it contains no extreme rarities, the quality of this set is simply mind boggling. With an average grade of 99.33, it is easily the finest group of our earliest stamps one is likely to ever encounter.

Nick Kirke Collection (2009)- 1902-03 Regular Issues (Used)
The first Regular Issue of the 20th century was an ornate, Victorian inspired series that hearkened back to the previous century. To fully appreciate this set, one needs time and a magnifying glass to see all the intricate detail hidden in these lovely designs. While not prohibitively expensive, it is excessively difficult to put a set of this quality together. Check the populations out. Wow.

Nick Kirke Collection (2010) - 1870 National Bank Notes without Grill (Used)
The “Bank Note” issues defined U.S. postage stamps for almost 25 years – from 1870 to 1895, and while some find them a bit monotonous, advanced collectors know what a challenge a great set is, and a complete set is a delight to the eye. Colorful and majestic in their design, the bank notes are an acquired taste. Nine of the eleven stamps in this set are the finest known and three are jumbo to boot! Enjoy this one.

Lifemates (2008) - Federal Duck RW1-74 (NH)
Since the inception of the Set Registry 5 years ago, the most popular set has always been the Federal ducks. The current champion, as well as all time finest set, is now the Lifemates Collection that stole the crown from long time champion Blind Hog. Lifemates averages a 98.9 rating, which when you consider that 74 stamps are needed for this collection, is an awesome accomplishment. Our congratulations!

Anthony P. Masciarella - The Blind Hog Collection (2005) - Federal Duck Stamps RW1-72 (NH)
In the realm of the PSE Set Registry, competition doesn't get any keener than in the Federal Duck Stamp set. With 18 competitors, (and seven with Set Ratings over 90) this is what it's all about! The winner of the "Best Federal Duck Set" for 2005, the Blind Hog Collection has an astonishing rating of 98.83 - less than half a point from the theoretical maximum, 99.29.

wmerlin collections (2009) - 1847-55 Regular Issues Complete Set (Used)
A major winner last year, William Merlin continues to dominate in this category with his phenomenal set. He has four 100J's registered compared to last year's three and he has increased his set rating from 92.32 to 94.61 (including a No. 5 in 90J). We are so impressed with this set that it has been awarded the Best Overall for 2009 and is being inducted into the PSE Hall of Fame.

wmerlin collections (2010) - 1869 Pictorials (Used)
This popular set inaugurated a number of firsts. The first multi-colored stamps, the first stamps to feature something other than the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln or Franklin, and the first outdoor scenes. Even though the Pictorials of 1869 are a Regular Issue set, some consider them the first "commemoratives." Topping its competition five of the last six years, and currently a full 1.5 points ahead of the next set, this set has earned its recognition.

wmerlin collections (2010) - 1893 Columbian (OG)
Even though previously hinged, this set contains even more jumbos and a higher overall grade average than the previous set. With an incredible twelve jumbos (75% of the total set) and no stamps below XF-S 95, this set is a real delight to the eye.

The Paducah Collection (2006) - 1934 National Parks Issues (NH)
8 out of 10 of the stamps are 100s. The other two are "only" 98Js. And for those, no 100s exist. Impossible to improve as of this writing.

Jay Parrino (2007) - 1898 Trans-Mississippi (NH)
Along with the Columbians, the Trans Mississippi’s are one of only two 19th century commemorative sets. Seven of the nine stamps in this amazing set are finest knowns or tied for that honor. Many believe this series, which depicts scenes of the American West based on original paintings, photographs, and drawings is the most artistic ever issued by the U.S. Post office. Our congratulations to Jay for assembling this masterpiece.

Jay Parrino (2008) - 1938 Presidential Set (NH)
Regardless of age or rarity, any set with a rating of 99.63 required incredible patience and searching through many thousands of stamps. Virtual perfection defined.

Jay Parrino (2005) - 1940 Famous Americans (NH)
No, they're not dollar-value Columbians. But this attractive and colorful set is over 65 years old, and with an average grade of 99.66, sits at the threshhold of perfection. How many thousands of sheets would one have to go through to duplicate this one? This set was a winner for the "Best 20th Century Commemorative Set" in 2005.

sandjburke (2010) - 1923-26 Imperf (NH)
There can be no doubt that a complete set graded 100J deserves recognition.

The Scarsdale Collection (2005) - 1893 Columbian (NH)
The first series of U.S. commemorative issues has always commanded respect and admiration from collectors, particularly the five rare and elusive "dollar value" denominations. This incredible set has no stamps graded less than XF-90 and two jumbos. In 2005, it won awards for "Best 19th Century Commemorative Set" and "Best Set of the Year."

John B. Shely (Shilohprexys) (2009) - 1938 Presidential Set (NH)
The Presidential series served as the definitive stamps in the United States until the 1950s when they were replaced by the Liberty series. The issue provided a chronological overview of the American presidency, from George Washington on the 1-cent stamp to Calvin Coolidge on the 5-dollar value. The Shilohprexys set is closed from viewing but with a set rating of 99.57, you can only imagine what's in the set. For example, 24 stamps in this 32-stamp set are 100s! We're impressed, in fact, so much so, that this set is being inducted into the PSE Hall of Fame.

Schuetz Collection (2005) - 1901 Pan-American (NH)
With its turn-of-the-century transportation theme, the Pan American set is always popular. Their ornate borders and often small margins make this set a tough one to grade, and certainly difficult to locate in top grade. Assembling this set in never-hinged condition, with an average grade of nearly 98 is an outstanding achievement. This set was a winner for the "Best 20th Century Commemorative Set" in 2005.

Schuetz Collection (2006) - 1922-25 Regular Issues (NH)
Even though this set isn't yet one of the all-time classics, you can be sure that finding all 23 stamps in an average grade exceeding Superb 98 is no small feat. One of last year's winners, this set ranks as one of the top 20th Century Regular Issue sets of all time.

Schuetz Collection (2007) - 1926-32 Commemorative 2c Reds (NH)
From the Grandmaster of ultra high grade stamps comes this dizzying assemblage of two cent red commemoratives. Honored for the FOURTH YEAR in a row, what more can you say about at 24 stamp set with thirteen 100s and an average grade of 99.24? Sets such as this are what the registry is all about. The dogged pursuit of the finest available! Kudos!

The Schuetz Collection - 2007 thru 2009 (2009) - Early 1950s Commemoratives (NH)
Regardless of the age or rarity of the stamps, assembling a set consisting of over 40 stamps with an average grade of 99.58 is no mean feat. It speaks volumes to the owner’s persistence and dedication. A most impressive effort.

Van Simmons - pelican bay (2005) - 1898 Trans-Mississippi (NH)
Few sets can compare with the beautiful Trans Mississippi Expo Issue of 1898. Featuring a variety of late 19th century vignettes with a western theme, the concept of "artwork on stamps" has rarely been better demonstrated. This set features all but two stamps in a nearly unimproveable grade of XF-Sup 95 and was a winner of the "Best 19th Century Commemorative Set" in 2005.

The Westchester Collection (2006) - Graf Zeppelin Issues (NH)
What can you say about a set, no matter how short, that has an average grade of 100.8? And when that set is one of the most recognized and desirable in the hobby? Well, suffice it to say our hats are off to the owner of this one. Two 100Js and a 98J. Wow.

West Coast (2008) - 1926-31 Regular Issues Rotary (NH)
A winner in 2007, this set continues to dominate the category. Perhaps most amazing is the fact that its set rating is 99.2, and there are twenty-two stamps in the set. Seasoned philatelists are well aware of the difficulty of finding these small margined stamps perfectly centered.

West Coast (2007) - 1932 Washington Bicentennial (NH)
Here’s a great looking set and wonderful tribute to the Father of Our Country. Averaging an impressive 99.08, with a third jumbo and a third 100, it’s a super set however you judge it. The Scott #712 is the centerpiece and an object of envy for all who see it.

West Coast (2010) - 1922-25 Regular Issues (NH)
Here is a huge 25 stamp set with an average grade well above 98! Sporting no fewer than sixteen 100s, and 36% jumbos, this is a set that will be extraordinarily difficult to eclipse. It’s also a very interesting set to look at, as many of the higher denomination stamps featured important American landmarks.