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Expert Comments :

In the past year the PSE Set Registry has expanded by around 50%, going from 303 sets at the beginning of 2006 to 439 at the end of 2006. We added 19 new Set Compositions this year and plan to keep adding new ones in 2007.

The job of our judges was to pick the best 19th & 20th Century Regular Issue sets, the best 19th & 20th Century Commemorative sets, the best back-of-the-book sets (Airmails, Federal Ducks etc) and the Best Overall Set of 2006.

This year, we are awarding 64 "Best of the Registry" certificates compared to last year's 42. Nineteen sets received top awards, and four sets were inducted into the Hall of Fame for 2006. This tells us that every member is enjoying his/her hobby and most are making sincere efforts to constantly upgrade and/or expand their collections.

To all of this year's award winners, we say "Congratulations!" To those who did not win awards, we say "Keep trying!" and "Keep up the good work." Many of this year's winners were runners-up last year.

To every member we offer our heartfelt thanks. We could do none of this without you. If there's anything we can do to make the Set Registry more interesting and fun, please let us know. After all, it's your Registry.

Michael W. Sherman
Professional Stamp Experts

Best Overall Set of 2006

2BtheBest - 1893 Columbian (NH)
The first series of U.S. commemorative issues has always commanded respect and admiration from collectors, particularly the five rare and elusive "dollar value" denominations. Containing six jumbos and with over 80% of the stamps graded 95 or higher, this set is a real showpiece. A Hall of Fame inductee for 2006.

Best 19th Century Regular Issue Set of 2006

wmerlin collections - 1869 Pictorials (Used)
This popular set inaugurated a number of firsts. The first multi-colored stamps, the first stamps to feature something other than the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln or Franklin, and the first outdoor scenes. Even though the Pictorials of 1869 are a Regular Issue set, some consider them the first "commemoratives."

2BtheBest - 1894 First Bureau Issues (NH)
Lacking only Scott No. 251, this set is well on its way to becoming a major contender next year.

Best 19th Century Commemorative Set of 2006

wmerlin collections - 1893 Columbian (OG)
Even though previously hinged, this set contains even more jumbos and a higher overall grade average than the previous set. With eight jumbos (50% of the total set) and no stamps below XF-90, this set is a real delight to the eye.

2BtheBest - 1893 Columbian (NH)
See Best Set of the Year above.

Austin Simmons - 1893 Columbian Short Set (NH)
While lacking the dollar values, little else can be improved on the 11 stamps that comprise this set. Graded 95 and higher with five jumbos, it would take quite a bit of time and searching to do much better than this.

Best 20th Century Regular Issue Set of 2006

wmerlin collections - 1902-03 Regular Issues (OG)
The ornate and intricate Regular Issue of 1902-03 has long been a favorite of collectors. This high grade assemblage contains all XF 90 and better stamps, and two numbers in particular (Scott Nos. 301 and 308) are particularly elusive in high grade.

Schuetz Collection - 1922-25 Regular Issues (NH)
Even though this set isn't yet one of the all-time classics, you can be sure that finding all 23 stamps in an average grade exceeding Superb 98 is no small feat. One of last year's winners, this great set has been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, and ranks as one of the top 20th Century Regular Issue sets of all time.

Schuetz Collection - 1923-26 Perf. 10 (NH)
Talk about a tough set. This incredible group is made up almost entirely of Superb 98s, and no Scott No. in the set has a population higher than four in 98. To date, PSE has certified a total of only two stamps that could raise the rating of this set; one Scott No. 583 and one Scott No. 589. Virtually unimprovable.

Best 20th Century Commemorative Set of 2006

Schuetz Collection - 1901 Pan-American (NH)
With its turn-of-the-century transportation theme, the Pan American set is always popular. Their ornate borders and often small margins make this set a tough one to grade, and certainly dufficult to locate in top grade. Assembling this set in never-hinged condition, with an average grade of nearly 98 is an outstanding achievement.

Schuetz Collection - 1904 Louisiana Purchase (NH)
With two finest knowns, assembling a better set with the graded stamps available today would be an impossibility.

HRH - 1913-15 Panama-Pacific (NH)
Two sets, exactly tied. The Schuetz set is heavier in Sup 98s, but the HRH set has four jumbos.

Schuetz Collection - 1913-15 Panama-Pacific (NH)

The Paducah Collection - 1934 National Parks Issues (NH)
8 out of 10 of the stamps are 100s. The other two are "only" 98Js. And for those, no 100s exist. Impossible to improve as of this writing and a Hall of Fame inductee for 2006.

Jay Parrino - 1940 Famous Americans (NH)
A Hall of Fame winner in 2005, this set continues to set the standard for perfection in a 20th century series. All 100s except for one stamp. Just doesn't get any better.

Best Airmail Set of 2006

Scott Newman (The Westchester Collection) - Graf Zeppelin Issues (NH)
What can you say about a set, no matter how short, that has an average grade of 100.8? And when that set is one of the most recognized and desirable in the hobby? Well, suffice it to say our hats are off to the owner of this one. Two 100Js and a 98J. Wow.

HRH - Early Airmail Issues (NH)
Encompassing C1 through C18, this impressive array STARTS with XF-Sup 95 and goes up from there. Seven jumbos, six 98s and a 100 ensure that any prospective challenger will have their work cut out for them.

Best Parcel Post Set of 2006

The Regian '47 - 1913 Parcel Post (NH)
The Parcel Posts are a pleasant surprise for many novices. Far from being dry and monotonous (like the Postage Dues) these big, red stamps feature a variety of transportation, manufacturing and agricultural themes from the early 20th century. Graded 90J and up, this set is currently the finest intact.

Best Federal Duck Set of 2006

Anthony P. Masciarella (The Blind Hog Collection) - Federal Duck Stamps RW1-73 (NH)
In the realm of the PSE Set Registry, competition doesn't get any keener than in the Federal Duck Stamp set. With 19 competitors, (and six with Set Ratings over 90) this is what it's all about! Best set this year is the Blind Hog Collection, with an astonishing rating of 98.80 - less than half a point from the theoretical maximum. Inducted into the HOF in 2005, this set continues to reign, with a nearly half point margin over the second place set.

James Mitchell (Upwindjack) - Federal Duck Stamps Expanded RW1-73b (NH)
Adding the recent Scott No. 72b, 72c and 73b for an expanded set, Jim Mitchell has put together the leading Federal Duck Set for 2006.

Best of the Registry Certificate Winners of 2006

19th Century Regular Issues
wmerlin collections 1847-55 Regular Issues Complete Set (Used)
G-DUB 1847-55 Regular Issues Type Set (Used)
wmerlin collections 1861-66 Regular Issues (Used)
Jay Parrino 1869 Pictorials (OG)
wmerlin collections 1870 National Bank Notes with Grill (Used)
wmerlin collections 1873 Continental Bank Notes (Used)
Jay Parrino 1875 Pictorial Reissues (OG)
The Regian '47 1875 Reprint of 1861-66 (NG)
wmerlin collections 1879 American Bank Notes (Used)
wmerlin collections 1881-89 American Bank Notes (Used)
HRH 1890 Small Bank Notes (NH)
wmerlin collections 1895 First Bureau Issues (OG)
19th Century Commemoratives
Christi's Best Columbians 1893 Columbian (Used)
Christi's 1893 Columbian Short Set (Used)
The Regian '47 1893 Columbian Short Set (OG)
wmerlin Collections 1898 Trans-Mississippi (OG)
pelican bay 1898 Trans-Mississippi (NH)
Pelican Bays 1898 Trans-Mississippi Short Set (NH)
20th Century Regular Issues
HRH 1902-03 Regular Issues (NH)
wmerlin collections 1908-09 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
wmerlin collections 1910-11 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
Jay Parrino 1910-11 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
Burkes used 1912-14 perf 12 1912-14 Washington Franklin Issues (Used)
wmerlin collections 1912-14 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
Jay Parrino 1912-14 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
wmerlin collections 1914-15 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
Jay Parrino 1914-15 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
wmerlin collections 1916-17 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
Jay Parrino 1916-17 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
wmerlin collections 1917-19 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
HRH 1917-19 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
Jay Parrino 1908-19 Washington Franklin Issues Complete Set (NH)
The T.F. Schaub, Jr. Collection 1919 Shanghai (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2006 1926-28 Regular Issue Rotary (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2006 1926-31 Regular Issue Rotary (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2006 1931 Regular Issue Rotary (NH)
The James Cyrus Guillory Collection 1929 Kansas Nebraska Overprints (NH)
Brett Hall 1938 Presidential Set (NH)
The T.F. Schaub, Jr. Collection 1938 Presidential Set with Varieties (NH)
HRH 1954 Liberty Set (NH)
20th Century Commemoratives
Schuetz Collection - 2006 1901 Pan-American (OG)
wmerlin collections 1904 Louisiana Purchase (OG)
The Regian '47 1907 Jamestown (OG)
The Regian '47 1907 Jamestown (NH)
HRH 1909 Commemoratives (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2006 1913 Panama-Pacific (NH)
wmerlin collections 1913-15 Panama-Pacific (OG)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2006 1920s Commemoratives (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2006 1926-1932 Commemorative 2c Reds (NH)
The Paducah Collection 1932 Washington Bicentennial (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2005 thru 2006 1936-37 Army Navy Issue (NH)
Schuetz Collection - Plate Name Singles - 2006 1943 Overrun Countries (NH)
Jay Parrino 1943 Overrun Countries (NH)
The Regian '47 First Airmail Issues (OG)
HRH First Airmail Issues (NH)
3_Nice_Used_Zepps Graf Zeppelin Issues (Used)
G-DUB Graf Zeppelin Issues (OG)
Special Delivery Issues
wmerlin collections Special Delivery Issues (OG)
David Hall Special Delivery Issues (NH)
David Hall Special Delivery Issues with Varieties (NH)
The Regian '47 Special Handling (NH)
Parcel Post Issues
The Regian '47 1913 Parcel Post (OG)
Federal Duck Stamps
Artist Signed Federal Duck Stamps RW1-73 (Used)
Blue Dog - VLH Set - Federal Duck Stamps RW1-73 (OG)