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Expert Comments:
In the past year we have nearly doubled the number of registered sets in the PSE Set Registry and have added 15 new set compositions. The job of our judges was to pick the best 19th & 20th Century Regular Issue sets, the best 19th & 20th Century Commemorative sets, the best back-of-the-book sets (Airmails, Federal Ducks etc.) and the Best Overall Set of 2005.

However, we quickly found that it would be impossible to select one winner for each category. There simply are too many outstanding sets registered. Therefore, most categories, with the exception of the Best Overall Set for 2005, had more than one winner.

In addition, we are awarding 42 "Best of the Registry" certificates compared to last year's 29. To qualify, the set must be number one and be at least 50% complete. This tells us that every member is enjoying his/her hobby and most are making sincere efforts to constantly upgrade and/or expand their collections.

To all of this year's award winners, we say "Congratulations!" To those who did not win awards, we say "Keep trying!" and "Keep up the good work." Many of this year's winners were runners-up last year.

To every member we offer our heartfelt thanks. We could do none of this without you. If there's anything we can do to make the Set Registry more interesting and fun, please let us know. After all, it's your Registry.

Michael W. Sherman
Chief Executive Officer
Professional Stamp Experts

Best Overall Set of 2005

The Scarsdale Collection - 1893 Columbian (NH)

Best 19th Century Regular Issue Set of 2005

The Scarsdale Collection - 1869 Pictorials (OG)
This great series inaugurated a number of firsts. The first multi-colored stamps, the first stamps to feature something other than the heads of dead Presidents (or Ben Franklin), and the first outdoor scenes. And it's not easy to find these in high grade with original gum. Often notoriously off center, this set is a real accomplishment.

The Scarsdale Collection - 1890 Small Bank Notes (NH)
The Small Banknotes of 1890 were the last regular issue to be printed privately (prior to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing). They were a mixed style, including some designs from the earlier large Banknote issues along with some entirely new ones. This set is one quarter jumbo, with the balance being in large, attractive stamps.

Best 19th Century Commemorative Set of 2005

The Scarsdale Collection - 1893 Columbian (NH)
The first series of U.S. commemorative issues has always commanded respect and admiration from collectors, particularly the five rare and elusive "dollar value" denominations. This incredible set has no stamps graded less than XF-90 and two jumbos.

Van Simmons (pelican bay) - 1898 Trans-Mississippi (NH)
Few sets can compare with the beautiful Trans Mississippi Expo Issue of 1898. Featuring a variety of late 19th century vignettes with a western theme, the concept of "artwork on stamps" has rarely been better demonstrated. This set features all but two stamps in a nearly unimproveable grade of XF-Sup 95.

Best 20th Century Regular Issue Set of 2005

The Scarsdale Collection - 1902-03 Regular Issues (NH)
With great Americans' portraits set in incredibly ornate frames, the Post Office started the new century in style. These are stamps that one can discover a new design motif every time they are examined. Because of their intricate design and often irregular "borders," finding these in extremely high grade isn't easy.

Schuetz Collection - 1922-25 Regular Issues (NH)
Even though this set isn't yet one of the all-time classics, you can be sure that finding all 23 stamps in an average grade approaching Superb 98 is no small feat. As the printing quantity requirements rose and the presses ran faster, maintaining centering quality wasn't at the top of the list. Add to this small average margins on many issues, and you have quite a challenge.

Best 20th Century Commemorative Set of 2005

Schuetz Collection - 1901 Pan-American (NH)
With its turn-of-the-century transportation theme, the Pan American set is always popular. Their ornate borders and often small margins make this set a tough one to grade, and certainly difficult to locate in top grade. Assembling this set in never-hinged condition, with an average grade of nearly 98 is an outstanding achievement.

Jay Parrino - 1940 Famous Americans (NH)
No, they're not dollar-value Columbians. But this attractive and colorful set is over 65 years old, and with an average grade of 99.66, sits at the threshhold of perfection. How many thousands of sheets would one have to go through to duplicate this one?

Best Airmail Set of 2005

G-DUB - First Airmail Issues (NH)
The popular C1-C6 series, like the Zepps that follow, has long been a favorite with collectors. Sporting a good variety of colors, and interesting early aviation designs, this set is always a treat to see. And when populated with three 98s and three 95Js, even more so.

The Scarsdale Collection - Graf Zeppelin Issues (NH)
Yes, it's a small set (with only 3 stamps). And yes, they're not particularly hard to find. But it would be tough to find a set that's more desired by the philatelic community. And even tougher to find one with an average grade of 99.5! Wow. A set like this would have even been tough to find 75 years ago.

Best Parcel Post Set of 2005

The Scarsdale Collection - 1913 Parcel Post (NH)
The Parcel Posts are a pleasant surprise for many novices. Far from being dry and monotonous (like the Postage Dues) these big, red stamps feature a variety of transportation, manufacturing and agricultural themes from the early 20th century. The winning set here is HALF jumbos, and three quarters 95 or better.

Best Federal Duck Set of 2005

Anthony P. Masciarella (The Blind Hog Collection) - Federal Duck Stamps RW1-72 (NH)
In the realm of the PSE Set Registry, competition doesn't get any keener than in the Federal Duck Stamp set. With 18 competitors, (and seven with Set Ratings over 90) this is what it's all about! The best set this year is the Blind Hog Collection, with an astonishing rating of 98.83 - less than half a point from the theoretical maximum, 99.29.

Best of the Registry Certificate Winners of 2005

19th Century Regular Issues
wmerlin collections 1847-55 Regular Issues Complete Set (Used)
wmerlin collections 1869 Pictorials (Used)
wmerlin collections 1873 Continental Bank Notes (Used)
The Scarsdale Collection 1881-89 American Bank Notes (NH)
2BtheBest 1894 First Bureau Issues (NH)
The Scarsdale Collection 1895 First Bureau Issues (NH)
19th Century Commemoratives
wmerlin collections 1893 Columbian (OG)
A Simmons 1893 Columbian Short Set (NH)
wmerlin Collections 1898 Trans-Mississippi (OG)
Pelican Bays 1898 Trans-Mississippi Short Set (NH)
20th Century Regular Issues
G-DUB 1902-03 Regular Issues (OG)
wmerlin collections 1908-09 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
wmerlin collections 1914-15 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
wmerlin collections 1917-19 Washington Franklin Issues (OG)
HRH 1917-19 Washington Franklin Issues (NH)
Wutianming 1919 Shanghai (OG)
The Scarsdale Collection 1919 Shanghai (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2005 1923-26 Perf. 10 (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2005 1929 Kansas Nebraska Overprints (NH)
Brett Hall 1938 Presidential Set (NH)
20th Century Commemoratives
wmerlin collections 1901 Pan-American (OG)
wmerlin collections 1904 Louisiana Purchase (OG)
HRH 1904 Louisiana Purchase (NH)
wmerlin collections 1906 Jamestown (OG)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thur 2005 1906 Jamestown (NH)
HRH 1909 Commemoratives (NH)
G-DUB 1913-15 Panama-Pacific (OG)
The Scarsdale Collection 1913-15 Panama-Pacific (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2005 1920s Commemoratives (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2005 1926-1932 Commemorative 2c Reds (NH)
Schuetz Collection - 2002 thru 2005 1932 Washington Bicentennial (NH)
The Scarsdale Collection 1934 National Parks Issues (NH)
Back-of-the-Book Issues
First Airmail Issues (OG) G-DUB
Graf Zeppelin Issues (Used) My Led Zeps
Graf Zeppelin Issues (OG) G-DUB
Early Airmail Issues (NH) HRH
Special Delivery Issues (NH) The Scarsdale Collection
1913 Parcel Post (OG) G-DUB
1913 Parcel Post Postage Due (OG) G-DUB
1913 Parcel Post Postage Due (NH) The Scarsdale Collection
Federal Duck Stamps RW1-72 (Used) Artist Signed
Federal Duck Stamps RW1-72 (OG) Blue Dog - VLH Set